Comments from Purchasers of The Deck Groove Cleaner

Gave my 1st one to a contractor who did me a favor, he loved it. This is my 2nd.

David / Fairfax, VA

Your deck groove tool is awesome! Cleaned up the groves up here at camp in Canada easily. Very ingenious! Thanks.
Sue / New York

This tool has made cleaning up after my beautiful but messy collection of maple trees so much faster and easier. It picked out moss packed into the deck grooves from the winter as easily as the thousands of samaras my trees gifted me with. Even my father, who has back problems, was able to use it with ease and without risk of injury. I am going to buy him his own.
Hannah A. / Portland, OR

The tool worked like a charm to remove small leaves from the porch grooves while using a blower instead of a broom.
Joan S. / Christiansburg, VA

Awesome. I purchased one for myself awhile back. Love it!!! This one is for my sister in law for their decks in British Columbia!
Debi G / Seattle, WA

Tool works great! Saves hours of time!

Timothy / Hardyville, VA

I received it yesterday, thanks. It wasn’t out of the box more than 2 minutes when I was using it. I just had a brand new deck put in which sits under an oak tree. The oak tree is a prolific leaf dropper, and while I can blow off the leaves in 2 minutes, it was taking me about 10 minutes on my hands and knees to get the leaves out of the gaps in between the boards using a wire. Of course I would have to keep repositioning myself as I went from board to board, but now I’m able to walk it much faster, and it’s so much easier not having to keep kneeling down. I am pleased with this tool.

Scott / California

Hi Monica. I received the Deck Groove Cleaner today. Tried it on one groove and it worked great. This weekend. 80 more grooves!

Jim / Shoreline, WA

Hi Monica…we love our deck tool and it did a GREAT job on our 20-year old Trex deck….here’s some pics…one’s a before close up and after close up…and the third is a pic showing how much dirt was in our grooves…..thanks so much for a great tool and great product!  Very happy!  Now maintenance each year will be a breeze!!!








Thank you, yes we did.  It works great, I cleaned the grooves for our large deck.  I was so impressed I told my students about it (I am a Geology professor), and recommended it on Facebook. 

Arthur / Tennessee

I own and operate a Painting company in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve done many Deck jobs over the years. The biggest issue with deck jobs is getting them completely clean, every nook and cranny. The wood needs to breath. If you have debris trapped in between the boards that’s where you’re going to have problems such as dry rot. I have tried to use a pressure washer to clean out most of the dirt and leaves, but this is inefficient and it tends to raise the grain of the wood and create more problems than it solves. We tried high pressure air compressors, putty knives, screw drivers, etc.

What the Deck Groove Cleaner does is completely eliminate all these inefficient steps and solves all the problems. It cleans out the debris before you pressure wash so you’re not forcing the dirt down deeper into the crevices and not damaging the wood by over concentrating the water stream along those joints, it’s the perfect size and angle, if your deck grooves have a thick layer of old stain or paint the Deck Groove cleaner absolutely cuts the excess material out and actually evens out the spacing between the boards.


I received the tool, and it’s great!  The promotional video on youtube doesn’t do it justice.  I’ve invented several tools in the past for deck cleaning, but this tool is 3 times faster than any of them.
David / Orinda CA

We had been using the Sportys Crevice Cleaning Tool, available from Amazon, which proved to be a vast improvement over our preceding usage of putty knives. Your Deck Groove Cleaner works MUCH better than the Sportys, and is worth the money IMHO. Firstly, your tool rests and glides along the deck boards due to having shoulders above its claw which keeps the claw at appropriate depth, and having a long handle. The Sportys tool has no shoulders, and its claw drops way down the groove and one has to hold it at an appropriate depth and angle while moving along the grooves. So no muscle or back work holding your tool in position. Your tool humps over the joists easily whereas the Sportys tool catches on EVERY joist in every Groove, so one has to lift and work it over each and every joist.  So your Deck Groove Cleaner is MUCH easier to use and can clean grooves much more quickly particularly over every joist.
Peter B. / Mount Helix CA

I received the Deck Groove Cleaner the other day and it was well packaged and undamaged upon receipt. I took it out the next day and began to clear the debris between my deck boards.  It worked great.  The one thing I liked the most was the fact that when crossing over the underside deck joists, it does not catch on them and interrupt the cleaning process. Thank you; your product delivered on everything you said it would. 
Dan / San Bernardino, CA

The tool arrived today.  It was very well packaged and protected.  I tried it out. The tool worked extremely well, and it is sturdy, well designed, and easy to use. Good job!


I received my tool yesterday and used it today. It works much better than a similar tool I have borrowed from a neighbor! The extra long handle is also extremely helpful ( I’m 6 ft ) because I don’t need to bend over! Thank you very much.


Absolutely love the tool!!!!!  Handle length and weight is so perfect! I’ve been using a short one from Brookstone that I purchased 15 years ago. No comparison! Forgot to mention that the hook is wonderful. It doesn’t get stuck like my Brookstone one. You have a great product!
Thanks again.


It is working great! My wife loves it!


As a homeowner with multiple decks I highly endorse the Deck Groove Cleaner. I had spent years trying to figure out the most efficient, easiest and safest way to clean the debris from in between my deck boards. As soon as I tested out the Deck Groove Cleaner tool I was blown away with the ease of use and efficiency of the product. This product is cleverly designed and very durable in its construction. I cant believe that it took me this long to find this amazing product!


I was sweeping off our redwood deck this weekend and noticed there was quite a bit of debris that had collected between the deck floor boards.  We have been away most of the summer so it has been several months since I used our deck groove cleaner.  In addition, while we were away, the squirrels were having a field day in our large pine tree above our deck dropping sharp pine scales all over the deck while they were eating the pine nuts.  There were many of the sharp scales stuck between the boards.  Sweeping and hosing between the boards didn’t work to remove the scales.  I was thrilled at the ease of removing all the debris with the groover and the pine scales just popped out. The deck groove cleaner is so sturdy and smooth.  It cleans between the boards completely but doesn’t remove any paint.

I got a great idea after cleaning between the deck floor boards to try scraping off the pine pitch that had dropped on the deck over the summer.  I again was thrilled because I used the tip of the groover and scraped off at least three quarters of the pitch droppings without disturbing the paint.  Our deck looks looks wonderful now thanks to the deck groove cleaner.


Hi Monica,
The tool arrived and works great!  You folks obviously put some thought into its design—the curved ends bump gently over the supporting beams/joists and everything wound up quite clean. It’s gentle on the deck, too, and fit into some pretty tight gaps.  My wife was surprised with how that step alone made the deck look a lot cleaner 🙂
Still need to strip, clean, and stain, so would appreciate some advice from your husband.  There are a ton of options and it’s hard to tell which ones are really quality products.
Evan Serfass